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Welcome to the Science Campus

The Leibniz Science Campus ComBioCat is dedicated to one of the major challenges facing society: the transformation from fossil resources to renewable raw materials for the production of chemicals and energy sources. Here, catalysis is the key technology. The task is complex and requires an interdisciplinary approach. Only the cooperation of the four partner institutions can cover all the catalytic disciplines that are necessary to solve this important problem. With their combined expertise in bio-, chemo- and photocatalysis, innovative plasma-based catalysis and process engineering, the aim is to harness previously inaccessible biomass and develop catalyst systems for sustainable chemical and energy production. This also includes the development of concepts for the conversion of waste materials into high-quality chemical products.

We defined the following long-term overarching aims and objectives:
1. to use sustainable feedstocks for the clean catalytic production of the fuels and chemicals our life depend on.
2. to integrate concepts from all fields of catalysis with plasma-enhanced materials and ingenious engineering to hitherto inaccessible conversions of biomass.
3. to provide an interdisciplinary training platform that will deliver the next generation of researchers that are capable of thinking beyond the borders of their discipline.