Jan  von Langermann - Universität Rostock
Email: jan.langermann@uni-rostock.de
Phone: +49 (0)381/498-6456
Visit website: https://www.langermann.chemie.uni-rostock.de

The research of the biocatalytic synthesis group (PI Jan von Langermann) at the University of Rostock focuses on the direct integration of separation techniques into biocatalytic processes. With this concept we aim to overcome common limitations in biocatalytic processes such as undesired side reactions, inhibitions and thermodynamically unfavorable reaction equilibria.

Special emphasis is placed on the use of crystallization, adsorption and compartmentalization solutions, which are applied for a selective isolation of the desired products from the reaction solution. Such in-situ product removal techniques (ISPR) selectively extract a desired product from a biocatalytic reaction, thereby increasing process productivity and selectivity.

Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Jan von Langermann

Since 2013: group leader at University of Rostock, Germany

2012: postdoctoral researcher at University of Minnesota, USA

2011: guest scientist at AstraZeneca AB, Södertälje, Sweden

2008-2010: postdoctoral researcher at MPI Magdeburg, Germany

2007: guest scientist at Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Prague, Czech Republic

2005-2008: PhD-student at University of Rostock, Germany